Below you will find a representative sampling of what clients, colleagues and reporters have to say about Magas Media Consultants, LLC (MMC):

"Magas Media Consultants, LLC was the Strategic Advantage our company was missing - PERIOD.

From day one, our company had an incredible story to tell- and with our amazing people, products and athletic exploits, we became very good at generating content. However, our biggest problem was not knowing how to deliver it! Magas Media Consultants, LLC did this for us- beyond expectations.

While working with Ron I realized that he and team have some pretty incredible processes in place to attain success, and being a process minded leader, that really impressed me. With minimal information and time, Ron and his team quickly became experts at our company and our products, and more importantly, became experts at our target markets. They actually helped us to refine and narrow down our marketing groups- something I didn't even expect, as I thought we had that pretty well figured out. "Expert", "creative", "dialed-in", and transformational" are words I would use to describe the experience with MMC thus far.

I was also amazed at Ron's extensive contacts and influence in the business. He was able to connect us and deliver our story to many of THE most influential sources in our industry through various media, some of which I never considered. He team also helped us craft and refine our story and themes, once again, going WAY beyond the standard of what I expected out of a PR firm.

Simple, fast, now, explosive and fun is what needed - and Ron Magas delivered that."

- John O' Malley, President, Chief Motivator and Inspirator, Planet Sun- Performance Suncare and UV Protection

"Ron has made me into a believer in PR firms. I had felt that they were a huge expense and relatively little return, I could not have been more wrong about Magas Media Consultants, LLC. Ron never made any promises, but continues to deliver for us on a daily basis. We have been exposed to some of the biggest news outlets in the country including CNN, USA Today, MSNBC, and the Wall Street Journal just to name a few. I would recommend Ron and Magas Media Consultants, LLC to anyone looking to take that next step in positive exposure. Thank you Ron!"

- Craig Libis, Founder & C.E.O. at Executive Recruiting Consultants

"It is truly a pleasure to write a recommendation for Ron Magas. I have worked closely with Ron for several years and have not only found him to be the consummate professional but have always appreciated his follow up on the many details that were involved in the process. Ron was always creative in his approach and diligent in surfacing the right contacts and audience to enhance our branding.

Certainly, there are many other professionals that do the same thing, but in my experience, Ron is in a class by himself in terms of his persistence and results. In short, I could always count on him. I have high regard for his work, his integrity and his professionalism."

- Bobbi Moss, Vice President, Management Recruiters International, Inc. (MRI) Scottsdale

"Ron has quietly and very persistently worked behind the scenes to make me known as "the voice of the Hamptons." In real life, I am just a real estate broker in a small New York village; Ron somehow created an image and persona far more reaching and in doing so helped me to achieve unimaginable success."

- Diane Saatchi, Associate Broker, SVP, Saunders

"Anytime I need a great source in a pinch, I turn to Ron Magas. He always delivers, providing me with knowledgeable experts for quotes. Because my stories reach thousands of people in various magazines, the people I quote receive broad public exposure. I am discerning about which public relations firms to use when seeking people to quote ... I've never worried about the people that Ron Magas provides and enjoy our professional and courteous working relationship."

- Heidi Rafferty, Syndicated National Writer

"In a highly electronic-gathering world, it is reassuring to maintain that relationship with Ron Magas–someone who can maneuver through the media maze and deliver a loud, accurate and timely message."

- Bruce Barry, Former External Communications Specialist, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of New York, Inc. (IIABNY)

"As a financial news reporter with Thomson Reuters I have found Ron Magas to be a spectacular and invaluable public relations source. Not only has he given me invaluable sources for spot news, stories and features, but has provided them to me in a quick and timely manner, which is a key part of my job. He is also extremely easy to work with and thoroughly understands the urgency behind certain stories as well as important process of good reporting. In summary, I highly recommend the services of Ron Magas and have benefitted greatly from him over the many years."

- Julie Haviv, Writer/Thomson Reuters

"Public relations can be seen as blue sky to many leaders and without any connection to business value increase or revenue generation. While this may be true with some, it is certainly NOT true of Ron Magas and Magas Media Consultants, LLC. He is well connected and understands how to find opportunities for direct revenue benefit and indirect good will! I met Ron after experiencing disappointing experiences from others. He not only BLEW AWAY what had been done bit made me a true believer in the value of PR.

We have been voted the #1 best place to work in Dallas for three consecutive years and the #1 best company to work for in the state of Texas last year. I have no doubt that Ron played a part of this! I rarely offer testimonials and tend to err on the side of caution when I do. In this case, it is with great enthusiasm that I strongly encourage anyone who wants to see PR make a positive difference in their business to contact Ron Magas. He is ethical, tenacious, and talented!!!"

- Jeff Kaye, President & Chief Executive Officer, Kaye/Bassman International (KBIC)

"Over my 25-year career as a journalist, editor and columnist, I've worked with hundreds of PR people. On the quality scale, they range from horrendous (ought to be doing something else), annoying, pushy, or obnoxiously aggressive to professional and courteous. Ron Magas falls in the last category -- professional and hard working. He gets the job done without getting in the way of the story and the source. I've worked with Ron for more than 10 years, and I recommend him highly."

- Bob Weinstein, Managing Editor, JOBS Magazine/Syndicated National Writer

"Ron and I worked together for more than 5 years at Kitchen Public Relations in Midtown Manhattan. Ron was exceptional in his role as Vice President at the agency, excelling at media relations, communications, client management, new business development and business presentations.

I learned greatly while working with and reporting to Ron on a variety of accounts together, which included recruitment, finance, health and entertainment. His sense of professionalism, work ethnic and decency were unmatched. Ron's strategies and pitching techniques to the media were superb, he was tireless in his efforts on behalf of our clients and always delivered results above and beyond expectation. In addition, he excelled in CEO networking and building lasting media relationships in all mediums, including print, broadcast and online.

I not only consider Ron a former colleague, but a friend, and highly recommend him for media relations, public relations and communications projects. You won't be disappointed!"

- Laura Czaja, Former Vice President, Kitchen Public Relations

"Ron is a fantastic manager, always providing clear strategic direction and suggested courses of action without micro-managing. He has developed and cultivated more high-level media relationships and partnerships than anyone I have come across in the industry, and he is able to secure mountains of positive client coverage to support client objectives and goals.

Ron defines the term "PR expert" and should be immediately considered for any company wanting to grow its business and enhance its footprint on the local, national or international stage."

- Marc Schwartz, Former Senior Account Executive, Kitchen Public Relations

Please feel free to contact us at or at (203) 445-8981 if you have any questions or would like more information about how MMC serves its’ clients.